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All our are products are Plastic free and cruelty free

Sheenah Middle Founder

Hello, and thank you for coming to my website.

OK! The bit about me. Well, this idea and company all started with me getting sick and tired of throwing away three plastic bottles of empty shampoo and conditioner per month. I thought there must be a better and more eco-friendly way of doing this.

When I found shampoo and conditioner bars, it was a game-changer. Then, I wondered if I could make my own to encourage others to ditch the plastic. To help move away from harmful chemicals and start looking after the planet.

My background is in retail and market research, so I have a solid knowledge base to help me sell the bars and find out what people want. What fragrances they preferred. Even two years on, I am still discovering new and exciting fragrances.

I decided to make a few shampoo bars and sent them out to some friends to get their feedback.

They loved the product, so I felt I was on to a good thing, but just as I was looking at starting the company, Covid hit.

It wasn't the best thing to happen, but it did mean I could look at the whole idea of being eco-friendly. I spent the first few months of the lockdown looking at all sustainable items.

I spoke to friends and other people making some great products and decided that even though I could make the products myself, I preferred to showcase other people and concentrate on bringing them to you.

I have six people who make my shampoo and soaps and have found some great companies in the UK who make amazing things that I stock for you...

It has allowed me to look at outlets and events to attend to push the eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable idea and all I have to sell. This website is just another outlet, and I hope you like it.

No, I hope you love it.


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Hannah Beard
Hannah Beard
the insense sticks smell lovely. I also love the soaps and great to find they stock the refills for EcoEgg 🙂
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Debbie Smallbone
Debbie Smallbone
Sheenah asked me to try out her eco- friendly toilet cleaner To be honest I have always been a bit of a bleach block girl But I was absolutely amazing at this product fizzed up with only one tea spoon full and then every time I flushed I have used once a week at night and have not looked back would highly recommend this product #ecofriendlycleanloo ,#savetheplanet #doingmybit #belleearth
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